Are all lenses equal?

Buying prescription glasses for children can be confusing. It is really important that lenses are provided by people who are trained in optics.

Not all lenses are equal. Each prescription requires careful consideration and each pair are custom made according to the person’s prescription and anatomic features. Additional thought and care is required for children’s glasses as their prescriptions often present additional complexity.

These lenses are a +6.00 power and have been made for a four year old boy.

The frame is quite small and because Plus (+) lenses are thick in the middle and taper out to thinner edges, using a standard conventional lens would

produce lenses that are:

1) Thick in appearance inside the frame. They would give a distorted visual appearance for people looking at the wearer.

2) Standard lenses would be heavier than necessary. The weight of the lenses is particularly important for kids glasses given the little size and shape of their nose bridges.

We’ve used Hoya Phoenix aspheric lenses which have been specially ground to reduce the overall lens mass. This special process provides a fantastic aesthetic appearance and makes the lenses nice and lightweight. Perfect for busy little people!

Phoenix is also a phenomenal lens material! It’s ultra clear, super tough, easy to keep clean. It provides 100% UVA and UVB protection and is the only recommended material for use with children by the American Optometric Association.

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