Temple Tips

Special order products. These take approximately 3-4 weeks to arrive from Europe.

New soft adjustable temple tips are available in two sizes. 
To fit: Cut the frame temple, put on the new temple tip and fix it with two small screws.
  • Lenses


    We only choose the highest quality lenses to provide the best vision and protection for little eyes. It is important to note that different prescriptions can produce very different outcomes when it comes to choosing lenses. We take care in ensuring that your child will receive the best visual solution and each prescription sent to us is closely inspected to understand the  individual needs of the child.

    Standard Lenses

    Our standard lens package provides the perfect choice for low powered prescriptions.

    Thinner & Light Lenses

    Our thinner and lighter lens option provides a higher level of customisation for higher powered prescriptions. This ensures that the best cosmetic and comfortable outcome for your child's glasses.


    The prism option on the website needs to be selected if there are values written in the prism section of your child’s prescription

    On occasion, children can have very technical prescriptions. We can cater for these on a needs basis.

    If you have a question about something, please contact us at info@miraflexaus.com.au